September 13th - 19th

You may need to travel now, perhaps to a destiny focused on greater wellness. This may be a real trip or catching up with books, plans and papers. Work to avoid vices and get sufficient rest. Some alone time for introspection would be useful. Reach out to a mentor or teacher if feeling cut off or alone. Some change may be in the works. Look to elders and authority for guidance. It may be the right moment to reconsider a career option and think about trying out something new.

Rewards of a more concrete nature will be yours now. You stand to gain an increased sense of power, self and prestige. Avoid unnecessary financial risks, however. Keep working in the way you do and don't be tempted by risky gambles or speculation. There is no way to "get rich quick." Hard work and dedication is always required. Work towards peace at home. A calm state of mind and some meditation will see you through. Newly developed spiritual leanings will also keep you on an even keel.

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