June 7th - 13th

This is a time of monetary gain for you. It would be wise to use that windfall to pay off some debts that are on your mind. Make the most of new and existing relationships and do some networking to further your professional goals. Don't give in to worries about competition or enemies in the workplace. Instead, surround yourself with the many people drawn to your charisma. Take care while travelling to avoid theft or accidents. Keep in mind all those that depend on you. Stick to your daily routine and continue working hard. Success will soon be yours.

Concern about health is in your mind this week. Spending your time on researching on health matters and rehashing old understandings reworking on old plans is in the agenda this week. Trying to rework old schedules and putting them in new perspective might help. An inspection of past health concerns might give new insight into what is supposed to be a problem and perhaps a new solution as well. The new insight might bring some confusion due to mix information, however you need to remain steady.

This week is supposed to bring a lot of optimistic attitude towards work. There are a lot of plans to be carried out and the positive mentality helps in keeping you motivated to improve your skills. Exploring new opportunities and avoiding prejudice will do you good. Therefore, allow yourself the time it takes to ponder up on new possibilities and new ways that can be helpful to start your life anew. “Pessimism is my default setting.”

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