career - June 2023

Capricorn, during this month, you will find yourself more aware of your unique limitations and breaking points. You will be tested, but do not let this bring you down. Your awareness will be heightened up to and even following your birthday phase, but the feelings of restriction and confinement will not last. Keep your eyes on those closest to you, as a sense of rivalry could come over you. However, do not jump the gun and avoid making large changes with potentially negative consequences. Self-pity will get you nowhere during this time, instead, focus on laying low and keeping from standing out. Clear and concise communication is crucial, so if your voice is necessary to resolve an issue, speak only what is needed to avoid trouble. This is a time to make real efforts at getting along with others, both at work and in your personal life. Befriend as many people as possible as this will lessen the chance of anyone working against you or trying to sabotage you. Do not hesitate to extend an olive branch, even to those with whom you have been feuding. Remember, your actions will determine your well-being during this time, so do not let negative thoughts bring you down. Stay positive and keep moving forward.

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