June 2023

Capricorn, this month, you will be more aware of your own limitations. You will feel confined and restricted in various aspects of your life. This could trigger hard feelings and rivalry. However, it is not a time to go overboard with self-pity or try to solve the world's problems. Instead, it's a good idea to keep a low profile and make special efforts to get along with others both professionally and personally. Changes initiated now can prove beneficial in the long run, materially and otherwise. Some of you may fall in love with yourself and boost your self-esteem. Romantic matters and pleasure-seeking activities will come to the forefront. You'll pay closer attention to your physical appearance and mannerisms to improve and enhance your attractiveness. You'll learn that it pays off to trust, forgive and be truthful to oneself. The lessons learned now will help you project yourself confidently to the world. You will pour your energy into involvement with groups and friends. Avoid letting the ego dictate others and instead lead by example. The best way to achieve your goals is by working as a team or networking with others. Choose friends who will prove to be an advantage in the long run. While some of you might be confused, rest are working their way through a slow and dry period. Getting things in order, avoiding frivolous and time-wasting activities, going through training sessions can be helpful. You have the ability and stamina to concentrate, work carefully and thoroughly, and accomplish something of real practical value and substance now. Remember, this is your birthday phase, don't let the feeling of being confined and restricted get the best of you. Keep calm and carry on!

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