career - Horoscope 2021

You had a financial setback and it is weighing you down because you didn't get what you wanted originally, relax and strategize again, then move forward with confidence, but this confidence has to affect you entirely so that you will not have an emotional rebound, if possible, talk things over with a counselor or do some research on best ways to stay cash flow positive. You really need to take your mind off yourself and your problems and maybe do some charity work, or just rest.

An unexpected loss or expenditure has you stressed and feeling cautious, and believe it or not, there is a direct relationship between grief and financial irresponsibility, so while you are reeling from the loss of a loved one, don't stay there for too long, don't kill your ambitions because you are grieving, you just need to know what changes to make in your life, and follow them through - Maybe create a new budget, or take a new course, or listen to your colleagues, either ways, take the much needed time and look inwards, that's the only way that you will be able to come out strong financially this year.

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