Horoscope 2021

This year, purpose and community are your greatest needs, but you have to leave your comfort zone to get it, but don't be afraid, you have luck on your side. But that doesn't mean you should take unnecessary risks, those will only tie down your money and sap your energy, so instead of that, be clear about your goals, leave mistakes behind, and if you get any chances to volunteer, then take it, these are ways to stay happy and find the fulfilment you're searching for.

However, you also need to be honest with yourself and your loved ones, secrecy won't do you any good, it could even affect your health, so get in touch with your feelings and your spiritual side, journal if you have to, and rest a lot. You will need the energy gotten from these practices to make sound decisions in the future - decisions about who stays in your life and who goes, habits to drop, how to help those relying on you, and how to deal with sudden challenges that will crop up.

So dear cancerian, embrace honesty for 2021, and although you are used to being overly active, give yourself some time to recharge and you will enjoy 2021.

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