love - May 22nd - 28th

Cancer, it seems like a wave of competition and disputes is on the horizon, and your relationship status might be at the epicenter of it all. Take a good look at your love life and honestly assess the state of affairs. It could use some TLC. If you want to avoid a breakup, rise above the drama and focus on what's important. This week, you'll find yourself being called upon to assist your friends and their troubles but make sure you don't take on their problems as your own. Keep your family and loved ones in mind during this time, ensuring that those who depend on you are well taken care of, whether it's your children, pets, or subordinates. Your good decisions from the past are starting to bear fruit, so focus on what works. However, watch your words carefully, or you may end up being surprised by what comes out of your mouth. Don't let others influence you in ways that are not helpful. Stick to the path you are on, avoid temptation, and tackle your workload head-on. And if passion is lacking in your love life, it's time to spice things up with some creative solutions.

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