career - May 22nd - 28th

Cancer, this week you are likely to be a source of support for a boss or father figure, which could lead to a possible career transformation. Be prepared for some delays or complications in travel, but take advantage of the opportunity to access new vistas and viewpoints. Investing in education and taking care of your health will help you stay on track. This is also an ideal moment for any kind of research, especially if there is a concern weighing on you. An unexpected compensation or money, such as an inheritance, may be on its way, so consider making a sound investment or pay down some debts. Pay close attention to those around you and offer rational, solid advice if others approach you. Keep private conversations private and avoid engaging in gossip. Though you may not feel ready to deal with money issues, they require your attention, especially regarding your business. Finally, share with others now for extra happiness and good company.

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