love - March 13th - 19th

Now is a good time to take a trip, to get away from your usual environment and see where you end up. Some new friends or even a new romantic relationship is likely as you branch out to try new clubs or social groups. This is an ideal phase for networking, perhaps with added guidance from a mentor or elder. Many support you and wish you well. Be careful with treasured belongings. Only lend things out to those you trust or they may not return to you in the same condition you lent them (or at all).

You are ready to stretch out wings, to reach for something grander and bolder. Engage on a more rigorous intellectual level and you'll find your desires are more satiated. It may be time to bring someone back into your life who you haven't connected with in awhile. The bigger picture is becoming clear to you. Maybe those fleeting conversations with someone interesting were more than just chit chat. This may be the moment to take things to the next level. You are looking for a deeper connection so go ahead and pursue one. Pick a passion that matters to you now and revel in it.

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