career - March 13th - 19th

The time is right for networking, for forging some new professional and personal connections. Others are drawn to your charisma and ready to partner with you on plans and ideas. Travel is likely now, perhaps in the company of a mentor or teacher. This could be something of a pilgrimage for you, as it connects you with new spiritual or educational insights. Be ready for whatever life throws at you while on the road in order to safeguard your belongings and well-being.

You are putting things into perspective now, looking at how your decisions relate to consequences you face everyday. A long overdue conversation could be part of this week. Dig right in to the issues at heart. While you are focused on the big picture, don't forget about the little details that are needed to make that bigger picture come to life. Stay on schedule and keep your priorities in order. You have a lot on your plate but it isn't more than you can manage. With the right level of organization, you'll have enough time for everyone.

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