love - September 26th - October 2nd

Make time for family this week. Share a meal or go to a show or concert together. Attend to a mother figure or caregiver who has done a great deal for you. Don't put off a needed practical expenditure, such as a home repair or new vehicle. It may cost you some money to gain peace of mind in this phase. Travel plans, perhaps for a romantic getaway, could face some complications or delays. Be careful with valued possessions. This week, look for things money can't buy such as a true loving connection with someone special.

You are at the center of attention right now and may be feeling emotionally vulnerable because of that. Reach out to others. Embrace someone who needs a hug. These little acts of generosity will make you feel better too. Cumbersome tasks are now accomplished with ease. You are feeling sensitive and enthusiastic, in tune with the world. Listen to others feedback as you share your passion with them. You are inspired by love and will be excited too. Go and grab what you are looking for!

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