career - Horoscope 2021

If you want more money, then you should pay more attention to your charisma in 2021, because it will bring former foes to your side, and these new relationships will offer you a fresh perspective and new opportunities to sell your ideas. Of course, with a wider circle and more money, you are bound to neglect your close relatives or spouse - be mindful of this, but be more mindful of people who may want to take advantage of you because of your newfound affluence.

Another struggle that you may have will be to get outside your comfort zone, your money lies in your struggle, so you will have to trust your charm and dare to make your pitch. Talk to someone new and confront your fears, take meetings and present your plans and visions, that's the way you will grow your income in 2021. And you have to be prepared for it because there might be a career shake up for you that will require you to move things around, accept it for what it is and know that you will be taking the step that all successful people have had to take. But if you don't deal with this, then you may not actualize your financial dreams.

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