love - May 3rd - 9th

An illness or loss, in your family or your significant other's, could cause some plans to be delayed in this phase. Avoiding letting the stress of family lead to risky decisions making. Vices or risky sexual behavior would be ill advised. Instead, look towards the activities that give your life a sense of purpose. Art, spiritual pursuits would both be a source of solace and inspiration this week. A secret between you and someone special needs to be shared. Voice that idea or concern you've been keeping from them.

Someone in your life has peaked your interest and you're ready for a second look. Let your curiosity lead you to a new relationship, even a passionate one. Enjoy the sensations and fun of a new romance. The world may feel fully transformed! With a lot on your plate, multitasking may be inevitable but take care not to take on more than you can handle. Don't let your plans overwhelm your thoughts and interests. Take things one at a time and see them through to fruition. Your own sense of confidence will make many things possible, including some amorous adventures!

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