career - May 3rd - 9th

An illness or loss could cause some disruption to your travel plans. You may find yourself without a mentor or advisor you had previously trusted and consulted with often. Some unexpected money, perhaps from an inheritance, may be coming your way. Use this windfall to balance your budget and pay off some debts.Avoid vices or tempting, exorbitant purchases. Make time to be alone with your thoughts and to formulate some well reasoned plans for the future. Don't act rashly now. Talking and thinking things through will lead to success in the future.

This is a great time to increase your work output. You multitask with ease now. With effective communication, you will get to know your colleagues better and forge useful connections. Channel your energy into the most worthy projects before you and don't get caught up in petty stuff. Though you'll be busy, you will be at your personal best. Be open-minded and ready to change your perspectives if needed after listening well to others. Get out there and talk to people. There's a great deal for you to share and to learn.

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