March 13th - 19th

Domestic affairs need to be set in order now. Loved ones, such as siblings, children or a motherly figure, may be going through a time of distress. Work to establish peace. Make family top priority. Time spent at home or out in nature offers solace and consolation now. Money matters may be on your mind, perhaps as a result for a poor investment or risky decision. Be conservative with spending now. Rather than spending money on things, invest in education and relationships. Share a meal with family. Pick up a new skills or brush up on an existing one.

Cash flow, income and earning power are on your mind. You are more practical and rational in your approach to finances now. This can be a strong period for gathering new money making ideas. You are truly in touch with your personal values and financial goals. However you need to avoid fretting over money excessively. Communication could bring monetary gain. Address any health or stress related problems as they arise. Adjust your expectations and your mental health will see a benefit. Unrealistic goals could yield unhappiness. A rational mindset will help you make good decisions and set you on the course for success.

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