November 28th - December 4th

Some unexpected money may suddenly be yours. Following a death you may enjoy an inheritance you never anticipated. Use the money wisely, saving as much for a rainy day as you can. Make health a priority now and avoid self destructive paths. Something or someone from your past may suddenly resurface. Reminisce fondly but don't get drawn too far into the past. Instead, branch out to new social groups. Your charisma makes you popular at social gatherings. Network to great advantage now. Talking with new people proves to be a usual form of research for future plans.

Your outlook on life is about to change. The environment in which you live or work may also be shifted. Attitude is everything now. Aim to be positive without becoming pig-headed. Listen to those around you and consider their perspectives. Guard against going to extremes now. This is an ideal moment for bonding in relationships of all types, including romantic ones. Partake of group activities. There is no need to go it alone. It is far better to learn how to work with others.

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