Horoscope 2024

Dear Aquarius, welcome to the year 2024, where you'll be navigating through a series of mixed fortunes. Braced by last year’s experiences, you will now be adept at handling challenging situations. Saturn, the lord of your twelfth and first house, will continue to lodge in your first house paving ways for remarkable monetary advancements. However, prepare to face your fear of the unknown, intensifying due to Saturn’s presence in your ascendant. Your physical fitness will need to be prioritized to counteract minor health issues that may appear. Relief from longtime illnesses will be bestowed upon you. Business growth will progress, albeit steadily, as Aquarius 2024 marks a year of stability for you. Work away from home will lessen, bringing you even closer to your family. A slight delay in matrimonial alliances could occur owing to Saturn's watchful aspect over your seventh house, eventually culminating towards year-end. The silver lining will be Jupiter transiting your second house, empowering you with increased wealth and authority in decision-making. Inheritances might surprise you in this phase and you will find an enhanced inclination toward spirituality. Post April 22, Jupiter will transit to your third house, where it will team up with Rahu, slowing your pace at work. Some unforeseen frictions might also develop with younger siblings, but things will start to get better after October 30, paving way for a morale boost, and stalled work initiating again. A political career could be enticing and prove to be rewarding for Aquarians, thanks to Rahu transiting your third house. As we approach October, Rahu and Ketu will transit into your second and eighth houses bringing about unexpected financial augmentation through earnings, possibly from in-laws, gambles, or lotteries. Showcasing your intellect and eloquence will likely popularize you. Nevertheless, your diet needs to be monitored to avoid health issues. As the year transitions into the last quarter, you can look forward to a period where luck is your ally. Anticipate pleasing news and more unplanned financial windfalls. Your cerebral capacities will guide you in untangling any complications and those linked to the arts could be facing stardom. Despite a few minor roadblocks, 2024 shows promising prospects for Aquarians. Adaptability and resilience will be key for you to reap the rewards served to you by the universe. Just remember, in a year of mixed fortunes, your perseverance will play a cardinal role in shaping your future. Remember, stars favor the brave and Aquarians are nothing if not brave.

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