September 19th - 25th

You are looking for spiritual answers now, ready to embark on a quest to make a discovery. A father, teacher or mentor may accompany you on this journey. Be ready for whatever may come your way, including potential challenges and delays. Use some funds from an unexpected windfall to invest in your education and professional goals. Be careful about your health now, paying special attention to your diet. Avoid vices and remain forward looking. Some new career opportunities await you down the line.

Summon all the repressed positive points about yourself that you have repressed in your mind a long time ago, it is the time to revamp and rediscover. It may be amicable with your personality, to face your personal matters that are too sensitive and tear jerkers in a calm and rational manner with logical reasoning. Open yourself to opportunities that may lead you to share experiences that are intimate which may lead to sharing of power in relationship dynamics and follow conversations on financial matters and deep understanding.

Rediscovery may result into taking you back to the outer world in vengeance, where you may struggle with real life differences between now and the past as well as your own world versus the reality. Important financial decisions might come your way, and you will find that money does matter. Make sure not to overwork and stress yourself as you try to juggle yourself between busy work and social life. “It is never wise to discourage youthful idealism.”

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