love - August 1st - 7th

A short journey for the sake of a change of scenery brings you a fresh perspective. A decision needs to be made this week, maybe about the future of your romantic relationship. Find time and the right space to meet with your partner and talk things over. Get some distance from competition and opposition that you might be facing at work. Family and friends offer pleasant company so enjoy music or a get together with them. Make sure that those that mean the most to you feel acknowledged and heard.

You are in tune with the needs and desires of others this week. You are able to interpret very subtle signs, ones others may miss. Plan some financial investment, gear yourself towards some specific goals, look towards a love affair you've been pondering. You are both sensitive and approachable right now. Connections will be forged over conversations so don't avoid any of interest right now, even if the subject is controversial. Life now resonates will an unfolding sense of purpose. Share your ideals and heart with someone and you'll most definitely receive the same back.

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