career - August 1st - 7th

Much needed repairs or purchases might cost you more than you anticipated now. Read and reread the fine print on anything you invest in at the moment. Communicate thoroughly and effectively especially at meetings with colleagues or authority figures. Short journeys are likely now, perhaps to tie up some ongoing legal matter. Use the opportunity to see a show, enjoy music or just plan some recreational time. Work to rise above office politics and steer clear of gossip to minimize stress.

Pay close attention to those around you. You are more intuitive this week and able to pick up on subtle cues. Make time for some financial planning and otherwise strategize your life. This is an ideal moment for any kind of research. If others approach you, offer rational, solid advice. Remember to keep private conversations private and don't engage in gossip. You may not feel ready to deal with money issues but they require your attention. Though your own finances are comfortable, those of your business may need some consideration. Share with others now and you will enjoy extra happiness and good company.

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