career - May 2023

Aquarius, this month is all about the people in your life. Your focus should shift from work to your relationships with your significant other, children or parents. They deserve just as much attention and care as your co-workers, superiors or subordinates, if not more. To be the best version of yourself with your loved ones, you must be the best you can be with those around you at work. Keep your wits about you and be alert at work because your people skills will come in handy in building relationships that matter. If you lack those skills, now is the time to acquire them. Watch out for any potential or actual threats to your position in business and stay vigilant. However, in times of despair, your loved ones will be your support system, so cherish your close ties with them. Your needs are important, but focusing on the people around you is a priority. It is time to think about “us” or “we”, not just “I” or “me”. If you work with clients one-on-one, expect to be extra busy this month. Remember that building strong relationships with the people in your life will bring you contentment and comfort, so invest in them.

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