May 2023

Aquarius, this month will see you focusing on further developing your ability to relate better with others, particularly on a more intimate and personal level. You will find yourself exchanging innermost thoughts, ideas, and personal beliefs rather than emotions with loved ones, building stronger family ties and bonds with those who care about you. It is vital that you do not neglect any necessary correspondence or contacts, as they provide valuable input, data, and information for your work-related projects and activities. Be careful not to be careless if you want to achieve your goals, as the smallest misstep could derail your progress. You will find yourself busier than usual, running errands, attending to paperwork, making phone calls, and engaging in light socializing. Your curiosity and alertness will be heightened, as you expend energy in understanding and adapting to your immediate environment. Siblings, neighbors, close relatives, friends, and co-workers will become more important in your life than ever before. You will realize the true importance of close bonds and ties with those you love, leading you to put more effort into maintaining friendships and acquaintances. You will find great value in conversing about interesting topics and exchanging ideas. This phase may bring benefits through siblings, communication, or short trips, and you will find satisfaction in leisure activities, sports, games, fresh interests, and great times with children. This is a time of satisfying achievements and mutual affection, and you will become increasingly gregarious and active in your pursuit of pleasure. You will express yourself creatively through hobbies or sports and may even experience a new romance or a series of romantic encounters. Your playful energy and magnetic charisma will attract others to you, making this a time of new beginnings and exciting discoveries.

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