Horoscope 2022

Welcome to an amazing new year Virgo! Are you ready for the events and experiences that the planets are bringing your way in 2022? All that you have experienced in the previous year has prepared you for where you are now, so take note of these predictions and you will have a satisfactory year.

The solar eclipse of April 30, 2022, falls in your solar 9th house. You may face difficulties in pursuing higher education and begin to doubt your religious beliefs but you will become wiser with richer abstract thoughts. You will travel more this period and as a result, many of your philosophical questions may be answered and your path will become clearer. But watch out for mysterious problems during long-distance travels.

Although it may not seem like it now, be prepared because business opportunities will find you. Luck is on your side but confidence is required, you have to know what you want and plan out how to get there. Don’t leave your spouse out of any matters involving paperwork. It would be wise to get a set of expert eyes on any agreements or contracts that are drawn up. All decisions should be completely thought through as they could have some very long-ranging effects on your life.

Family plays a pivotal role in your decision-making. Relatives may come to you for help, emotional or financial. Offer what you can, even if it means a temporary tightening of the belt for your personal budget. You will not regret being understanding and generous.

You may feel your path to success is blocked by enemies at present but you have to decide how much time and energy you are going to give to outpace the competition. Is the conflict really worth sacrificing your usual routines and schedules? Also, you could use more support and less conflict. For that reason, reach out to family, including distant relatives you haven’t seen in a while. It would be invigorating to catch up and be in the company of those who are wholly interested in your well-being.

Self-discipline and avoiding distractions and bad habits will win you the most admiration and progress.

You could be feeling cut off from others if you have opted out of the high-stakes chase. Rather than chasing after ego-driven glory, be attentive to what matters most. Be good to those who depend on you in the workplace and at home. Treat subordinates well, including when giving feedback or instructions.

Have the courage to make that change that is knocking on your heart. It only requires you to commit to being realistic about what’s working and what’s not. Let go of a relationship that is causing you more stress than joy. You cannot be in charge of saving others. Deal with necessities such as getting finances under control. You might need some savings at the ready for a start-up project so plan ahead. A to-do list would help you stay on track.

A father figure is a central part of your life this year. Follow your heart and your passion and remain open to opportunities to which this mentor can connect you. You are longing for new life experiences and perhaps also searching for a new relationship to add excitement to your life. This may require you to travel, do it if the chance arises. It could also connect you to spiritual insights and artistic endeavors that would really engage your creative side.

In summary, 2022 will bring you face to face with a lot of changes, especially professionally, be ready. Also, remember that your family will be of immense value to you in these times. The events mentioned above will occur in your life and affect your core in amazing ways. Yes, there may be some slight variations here and there, but if you follow the guide that you have been given, you will have your best year yet.

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