April 1st - 7th

Virgo, it is essential for you to prioritize recreation and fun activities at this time to alleviate work-related stress. Consider taking a leap of faith and exploring new career avenues, as a sudden breakup may unexpectedly pave the way for exciting opportunities. Look out for guidance from an elder, particularly a grandfather figure, who may provide valuable assistance or wisdom. Your profound spiritual beliefs are a source of strength as you navigate professional and emotional crossroads with confidence and clarity. Embrace additional responsibilities with enthusiasm, as you discover untapped inner resources and exceed your own expectations. Your work brings immense joy, and your positive public image shines brightly. Your intellect and creativity bring inner contentment, while personal and professional connections keep you engaged with visits to relatives and attendance at weddings. Stay resilient in the face of conflicts, as a thrilling adventure filled with fun awaits. Remember, your inner happiness is the key to achieving success.

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