February 12th - 18th

Dear Virgo, this week a meeting with your partner or close companions is necessary, as you need to share financial or health concerns. If you're feeling the need for a change of scenery, be prepared for potential travel disturbances, but know that a fresh environment can be stimulating. On the financial front, a legal matter or inheritance may bring a sudden influx of cash, but be sure to invest soundly and avoid risky ventures or vices. Now is also the time to share any secrets you've been keeping, so research, make appointments with experts, or seek spiritual consolation as needed. If you're experiencing sorrow or stress, engaging in a purposeful mission can help alleviate it. During this phase, you find yourself weighing the pros and cons of every issue and considering others' needs alongside your own. Indecisiveness is possible because you naturally entertain opposing viewpoints, but cooperation and communication with others, particularly in one-on-one connections, bring you the most comfort right now. Leverage your diplomatic skills for success. Remember, individuals may win games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

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