career - May 22nd - 28th

This week looks bright for Virgos as there is a possibility of a big transaction or purchase. It's time to involve your partner or close companions in your plans, as a supportive system can make all the difference. This could also be an ideal time to take the next step in a relationship, making things more official and moving forward together. A change of scenery or location is also on the cards, offering a fresh perspective and the chance to feel more heard at work. However, stay clear of office politics and watercooler gossip, and keep your focus on your own goals. This week may leave you feeling indecisive, but this is an opportunity to consider the impact of your decisions. Additionally, seeking cooperation from your colleagues could prove useful. With open dialogue, ideas will flourish and plans will come together. Expect some public relations work or arbitration tasks in the near future, but these will be more enjoyable than initially expected. Keep communication open and use diplomacy, and you'll reap the benefits in every aspect of your life.

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