November 28th - December 4th

Check in with loved ones, especially a maternal figure in your life. Home is what matters most to you this week. Plans may even need to be delayed or postponed while you sort out some necessary domestic matters. A repair or purchase may be required. Invest in yourself during this phase -- in education, in your physical or emotional health or in brushing up on some skills and acquiring more education. Avoid risky ventures or gambling as it would cost you blocking money that could be put to better productive use. Spend some time outdoors or in a setting that brings you a sense of inner peace.

You’re constantly learning lessons and growing. Good, sound finances are serving you well, making you more practical minded. True joy and security on the home front add a depth of fulfillment to your life. Energy and planning may be required to address domestic concerns but the effort is well spent. You have acquired -- and are still acquiring -- a true mindset for success. You've grown in intellectual and emotional settings. Increased cognitive and interpersonal skills derive from your deep rooted sense of confidence. You now realize there is no single formula that defines the path to personal success.

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