September 19th - 25th

A change of travel plans may leave you feeling distressed. You are eager for a change in location or status. Money is on your mind as you consider your income and your expenditures. Though overindulging would be a mistake, it might be time for a fashion update or a new hairstyle. Use your passion for the arts and music to express yourself. Time spent with family and friends will bring happiness to you now. A mentor or father figure may look to you for support right now. Freely give back to those who have generously given to you.

The week favors refining yourself to the best of your tune and repurpose the way you want to present yourself in the society. Attend any sort of complication and smoothen the raw edges that might require to improvise your work. While you tighten up solutions for the previous issues which were resolved enables them to stay in hand.

Now is the time when you assess your total personality, health, physique, and also define how you want to project yourself. Standing before the mirror, you admire yourself actually and figuratively and also interact directly with your innermost self. After assessing yourself you will also subjectively look at your relationships both personal and professional. You ensures consistency and personal impact by changing your mind. This is not just your right but an obligation too.

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