September 13th - 19th

Now is a time of new beginnings for you. A relocation or promotion may be in order. Investing in some education or self improvement would bolster feelings of strength and self worth. A family member, perhaps a maternal figure, needs your assistance now. Tend to matters at home that cannot be delayed. A costly repair or improvement may be inevitable. Make time to connect to spiritual paths that empower you. Time in nature would be useful in re-establishing the inner peace you seek.

Material objects all occupy and even preoccupy you. Plans you set in motion and strove towards in recent weeks are doing being happily fulfilled. A sudden windfall is likely. Gains may be possible through a raise or promotion. Take a chance and see how it goes! Pursue things you find joy in. Your confident and good standing will soar now. Conflict is possible, including with family, so be sure to remain open-minded. Peace with a family member is paramount. Silence can be truly golden and help you achieve inner calm. Leave unsaid the wrong remark at the tempting moment.

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