May 10th - 16th

You may need to travel now, perhaps to a destiny focused on greater wellness. This may be a real trip or catching up with books, plans and papers. Work to avoid vices and get sufficient rest. Some alone time for introspection would be useful. Reach out to a mentor or teacher if feeling cut off or alone. Some change may be in the works. Look to elders and authority for guidance. It may be the right moment to reconsider a career option and think about trying out something new.

You may find yourself amidst a heap of rewards now. You have a lot on your plate so avoid taking on more than you can manage. Keep a distance from conflicts or other people's business. This is not an ideal time for travel or an adventure. Remain confident and rely on inner resources as you face a debacle at work. Don't let peer pressure rule you. You can expect to achieve a good level of self confidence believing in your worth and relying on your assets with better work prospects this week.

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