love - June 2024

Virgo, you are now deeply immersed in the intoxicating thrill of discovering someone on a profound level, embracing the potent mix of love and desire. Intensity defines your relationships at this time, urging you to delve into issues that extend beyond your own concerns and focus on the needs of others that are emerging. Past troubles are fading, making way for resolutions and transformations that require less of your attention. Brace yourself for a forthcoming "death" – the end of a lingering problem or relationship – that will evoke both joy and sorrow within you. It's time to shed detrimental habits and lifestyle choices that hinder your personal growth; seize this opportunity for a significant positive shift. You find yourself yearning to maintain passion and excitement, leading you to entertain the temptation of flirting with others to sustain your vitality. Embrace this period of heightened curiosity about the mysteries of love and sensuality, channeling it into self-reflection and discerning your true motivations. Embrace the unexpected evolution within yourself, unveiling hidden strengths and romantic charisma that will ultimately benefit your journey. Embrace change and seek to surprise both yourself and those around you with your capacity for growth and transformation.

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