June 2023

Virgo, this month, you will find that your focus is on money matters, specifically those related to legacies, trusts, loans, or fundraising. Although you may still be afflicted with some health issues, it is important that you give attention to the pending financial matters that require your attention. You may experience a death or receive a legacy, which could lead to mixed feelings of sorrow and joy. During this time, ridding yourself of bad habits, clearing out psychic "junk," and exploring life's mysteries will be in your best interest. You will have the chance to discover your personal strengths and talents if you take the time for introspection. Act and reflect automatically, yet remember that what you say or write now holds significant impact on those around you. You will be drawn towards one-to-one interactions instead of casual associations. If you are single, you will feel a stronger desire to enter into a committed relationship. Your task is to eliminate personal barriers that you have built against love. Mental expansion and career growth come your way as you acquire new skills, broaden your knowledge, and perhaps consider a job change. Take care of your health and do not overwork yourself unnecessarily. Your services may be in demand, and coworkers may be all-consuming of your energy, but you are a master communicator and can make serious progress in your endeavors. This is a great time for environmentally-friendly activities, socializing, and improving your public image.

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