Monday, September 18th

Virgo, a legal matter may occupy your thoughts, whether it be a contract, purchase, or even a marriage. There is a possibility of having to travel to attend a meeting or finalize a business deal. Amidst all this, prioritize your health, for it is your foundation. Offer support to a loved one who has recently experienced a loss, as your presence and empathy will bring comfort. Your colleagues and superiors will finally recognize your blazing attitude and appreciate your unique style of getting things done. With their support, your hard work will yield stunning results. However, do not let smaller rewards hinder your pursuit of big dreams. Transportation issues, computer glitches, miscommunications, and authority clashes may arise, causing delays in your business ventures. It would be wise to postpone important decision-making, as objectivity may be compromised and you may find yourself frequently changing your mind. Trust that this is just the beginning of your journey, and success will come as you remain focused and determined.

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