Friday, January 14th

Be pragmatic in the decisions you make today. Some new contract or business resolution requires your skill and intellect. This may also be the moment to take a relationship to the next level if you are not already committed. Avoid risky purchases or gambles. Take time to celebrate important tie ups with friends. Much deserved glory is yours. You've worked hard and as a result your professional life feels promising. Be ready when opportunity knocks. Your satisfaction in work will spill over to your married and personal life. Overall, the day seems to be pleasurable in every possible way, be it home or office.

Head and heart go hand in hand and workable solutions are available that feel as good as they work. You can put emotions into phrases that hit the mark and get your message across in more than just words. Multilevel thinking enables you to see all sides of the issue and if you need to, schedule negotiations, trades and other communications now.

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