Horoscope 2022

Welcome to an amazing new year Taurus! Are you ready for the events and experiences that the planets are bringing your way in 2022? All that you have experienced in the previous year has prepared you for where you are now, so take note of these predictions and you will have a satisfactory year.

The solar eclipse in your solar 1st house triggers events that create self-doubt and clouded judgment. Solar eclipse in your sign generally results in confusion in partnerships, between spouses as well as health problems that are caused by mysterious forces. The positive attributes of the solar eclipse in your natal first house make you more self-aware of your vulnerabilities and expose the lies, sometimes shockingly. The work of this eclipse is not automatic, as such, there will be some rough patches before one is fully realized or ‘grown’ to overcome one’s problems.

Elder siblings connect you to exciting new possibilities. Don’t close your mind to any, including some that might lead you down a unique and new spiritual path. Opportunities await you. It is up to you to adjust your outlook to be ready for them.

If you believe in the dreams you have laid out for yourself you will find challenges manageable. Having a network of support at hand is also crucial. Don’t go it alone. Make relationships a real focus, with both family and friends. In new social settings, you may be surprised to find how easily and intensely you connect with others. Let your charm show. Join some new groups. Keep company with a new circle of people. This would be useful from a networking perspective. You may also get exposed to some interesting new learning about a concept or expertise you’ve been intrigued by.

With all this worldly social excitement at hand, don’t forget to be attentive to matters at home though. It could be that your partner or significant other is feeling a little underappreciated. A small token of your love would do the trick. You don’t need to spend a lot to show how much you care.

Recent hard work pays off enormously as you enjoy promotion in the workplace but don’t let it get to your head. It is time for a bit of stoicism and calculating self-assessment. You have experienced success and this kind of internal evaluation will put you in line for even greater personal victories.

Relationship complications could rear their ugly heads at least in the short term. Resolve to do your best to work through it all. It may be necessary to be open and honest about a secret fear or worry. See what kind of reception your candor gets you. But if it turns out that a relationship in your life is toxic, get ready to be self-protective and walk away from such. Make your own safety and health a real priority, both physically and mentally.

You desire change, both physical and emotional. Your relationships may be leaving you cold. See what you can do to satisfy your cravings for more intimacy and connection without walking away from your present situation. You feel ready to enjoy new lived experiences, to be outside of your comfort zone, to see the world. Do so in the company of those you trust.

Relish new opportunities but don’t get overboard. What starts as a harmless interest or flirtation could snowball into a full-blown obsession if you aren’t careful. Remember having fun would mean dropping a ton of money. Enjoy yourself without risking your safety net.

You are ready to let go of things that have held you back. That might be a person or a position in a paid or volunteer organization. Make calculated decisions about how and where you want to invest your time. You cannot be all things to all people so it is essential to prioritize. A new opportunity, one that offers a chance to travel or potentially even relocation, may come your way. Don’t make the decision hastily. Talk it over with a partner or close associate before you sign any paperwork. Look before you leap!

In summary, 2022 is your year of change, you will experience a change in your romantic and professional life, some of these changes will be permanent, while others will be temporary. Just be ready for this and embrace it when it comes. Yes, there may be some slight variations here and there, but if you follow the guide that you have been given, you will have your best year yet.

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