April 1st - 7th

This week, Taurus, be prepared for car or home repairs that may be unavoidable, urging you to address domestic needs head-on. Finding peace in your personal life will pave the way for exciting opportunities on the horizon. A father figure could lean on you for support during a challenging time, so be there for them. Remember to take breaks and allow yourself a change of scenery, spending time outdoors to rejuvenate your spirit. Steer clear of risky ventures and focus on making solid financial decisions, especially while waiting on delayed payments. Consider investing in higher education or skill development to secure a prosperous future. Emanating a compassionate energy, you'll attract those in need and may find yourself in a mentorship role with younger individuals seeking guidance. Prioritize empathy, as it will uplift your spirit and strengthen your connections. Your enthusiasm and genuine joy for your work are contagious, propelling you towards creative endeavors at home and in your professional life. Embrace shared insights and nurture your creative spark – the universe is ready for you to shine brightly.

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