love - June 5th - 11th

Dear Taurus, this week, your focus should be on your home life and getting your domestic affairs back in order. It is important for you to be realistic and not to take on a job unless you have the ability to carry it out. A competent and qualified person should handle such activities. It is crucial that you plan ahead, as accidents are more likely to happen if you rush or are unprepared. Friends and socializing may need to take a backseat as you tend to your mother or other women in your life. It is important to address any health concerns you may have now, and making an appointment to address them will bring you peace of mind. Excitement is around the corner, and a new adventure or romance may be waiting for you. Take some time for yourself to enjoy music, parties, or a trip to the theater, as a change of scenery will help you refocus and regroup. You have the ability to turn things around and get back on track, and making extra efforts in your relationships, both romantic and familial, will provide the support you need to move forward. Strengthen bonds and be ready to embrace new beginnings.

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