love - January 30th - February 5th

A sudden breakup has caught you off-guard. It would be best for your peace of mind not to obsess over a connection that has ended. Instead, start looking forward. Make time for recreation, for watching or participating in sports or the arts. Choose activities that let your creativity shine. A new relationship will soon be headed your way, with someone capable of appreciating your intelligence in debates and spiritual discussions. Your diplomacy may attract some favorable notice from your boss or an authority figure in this phase.

Staying calm and focused will bode well for your romantic relationships, your family life and your career. All ventures prove favorable during this monthly phase. With the right outlook, you are making the right choices. Your intellectual prowess helps steer you in the right direction as well. Traveling and communicating are vital now and can help you hang on to powerful social contacts. Socialize with friends or take a class. Now is also an auspicious time for romance. Feed your passions, follow your dreams. There are no impossibilities.

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