love - November 28th - December 4th

Give yourself a break after all the recent stress and heartache you've endured. The loss or illness of a neighbor or relative has been draining so make some time for leisure now and light-hearted fun. Be creative and find little new ways to spice up your love life. You could use a new sense of purpose so devote some real time and energy to your relationship. If you want things to move forward you need to really be open and show much you care. Be willing to adjust your plans to fit your partner's schedule. Share a secret and be open about your past. This will help you establish a clearer future together.

You've had your break from reality and now you're ready to jump right back in with both feet. You still feel demands pulling on you but of a different nature. A big move is fast approaching. You may be feeling overworked or drained from social obligations of late. Now is a good time to practice some self care and to show some real care to someone else important to you. Avoid overspending or unwise purchases. Share what you have and return things you've borrowed. Now is not the time to be fickle or capricious. Keep your core goals in mind.

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