September 26th - October 2nd

Now is the time to gain some new training to assist you on the job. You are working hard and your efforts are attracting notice. Continue to rise above the fray at work and avoid being drawn into gossip. Be aware of who your enemies are as you may inevitably face them in competition. Make safe monetary decisions now and avoid speculation. Be mindful of those who are dependent on you--children, subordinates, even pets. Domestic affairs need your attention, including some potential purchase or repair. Purchase of real estate or a new vehicle is a possibility now. Be a savvy shopper to avoid fraud.

New directions seem important to you, so also efforts and endeavors. Tactful awareness may help in handling legal and other conflicts that might just occur. Don't expect to follow a straight track but go where things lead you until you start to establish a pattern. Only then can you get back to the main freeway after an enlightening long way around onto the picturesque course.

You will be both calm and tactful. You are hardworking, sincere and will now be making clever changes, with a view to expediting routine work, at home and the office. Don't be surprised if this dampens previously held opinions toward the end, as the new alternatives coming your way will more than make up for any inconveniences or confusions experienced along the way.

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