May 9th - 15th

Avoid risky financial decisions now. A monetary loss or loss of income could ensure if you engage in speculation or gambling. Find ways to use your creativity now, especially for self exploration and addressing personal conflicts. A father figure may need or offer you help now. Letting go of ego may help in a relationship that has become difficult. If trying unmanageable, it may just be time to let a connection go. Look for consolation and answers in spirituality. Religious ideas speak to you profoundly now.

You'll tend to be defensive of the value systems, personal habits and even obsessions that make you, YOU. Much attention is focused on money and yet you can be penny-wise and pound foolish, depending upon which external circumstances are affecting you at the moment. The difficulty in this position is that the thought processes can become so deeply rooted in one particular matter that you may have difficulty seeing the relative importance of other levels in life.

Some of you may experience “great love for food” which might ultimately result in overeating, weight gain and in worst cases stomach problems. The same period is likely to pose health and stress-related problems, even your mental attitudes could take a bit of beating if things don't come up to your expectations. Don't have unrealistic hopes so that there are no disappointments.

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