September 13th - 19th

You may be dealing with the sudden ending of a relationship or a connection. This loss may cause you sorrow but also bring you an inheritance or some unexpected income. Be diplomatic in conversations now, especially in the professional sphere. It may be time to branch out in a new direction. Take a risk and go for new some and enticing opportunities that awaits you. Make health a priority now. Schedule an appointment to deal with a concern that's been on your mind. Some research into new belief systems may help you get back in touch with your spiritual side. To stay grounded, make time for leisure with loved ones and romance with someone special.

Good results are inevitable now, as you are working hard and well organized. Others admire you for your willingness to lend a hand. You are willing to put in your best efforts and work to keep the peace. Success should be no surprise now. Your only real competition right now is with yourself. You are working on new standards of achievement and to raise your job profile. Avoid hasty decisions and make all purchases with care. Now is not the moment for a quick buck or rash expenditure.

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