Saturday, August 6th

Your leadership skills are valued at work and at home. You feel a sense of pride in your work and are rewarded for your efforts. Authority figures -- whether a boss or family elders -- offer you praise. Continue to acquire new skills and you will continue to move ahead with great success. When the desire is strong enough, the universe conspires to make it happen. Your dreams of love and professional success propel you towards honesty and truth. Believe in yourself and dream big as this is the day when your every thought counts. Monumental events may unfold, depending on your state of mind.

This is a favorable day for scheduling dates and for love in general. You are somewhat vulnerable, and may get slipped in critical moments. This can indicate happy social events, and is fortunate for beauty treatments, pleasurable outings, music, the arts, and holidays or gatherings. It's good for money as well, but you might spend it as quickly as you earn it!

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