Horoscope 2022

Welcome to an amazing new year Scorpio! Are you ready for the events and experiences that the planets are bringing your way in 2022? All that you have experienced in the previous year has prepared you for where you are now, so take note of these predictions and you will have a satisfactory year.

The solar eclipse of April 30, 2022, falls in your solar 7th house. When the solar eclipse occurs in the seventh house, the effect is felt in the aspect of interpersonal relationships both informally and professionally. The solar eclipse will test the relationships in your life — partnerships and spouses; and the results will depend on the quality and the strength of the relationship before the eclipse occurs. What this means is that The solar eclipse will be beneficial to strong and healthy relationships by making them stronger, but for toxic and unhealthy ones, the solar eclipse will further create a wedge and end them.

This is not necessarily a bad thing as it can be seen as a form of protection to the individual who is saved from lopsided relationships that may have been harmful to their emotional stability, even without them knowing it.

Trust your gut. You know what you want. It is time to go out and get it. Intriguing opportunities are right in front of you. It’s time to take a gamble. It should be a calculated risk, one you believe in. Luck is on your side. Relationships may feel especially trying right now. A romantic partnership feels strained or a longstanding friendship you have relied on for years is suddenly not the connection you hoped for. See what can be repaired via candid conversations.

Productive communication, including both listening and speaking with care, could move the needle in a relationship that feels strained. If that doesn’t work, however, don’t feel too bad about letting go. Sometimes all you can do is cut your losses and move forward. Engage your creativity and have fun in leisure activities or some friendly competition. Finding a new company would be invigorating so join a new club or group. Seek out new ideas, including spiritual ones. Ask for feedback on plans you’ve made. In addition to ideas, you may be offered some assistance as well, take them.

Home is where your heart is and you are longing to be with family, perhaps those you haven’t seen in a while or have even been somewhat estranged from. Work on your relationship with a mother figure or caregiver. Be as generous as you can afford to be and keep in mind that there are ways to be generous that don’t involve money.

Your own career status may be an item of concern. If you are looking to make a change in your profession, consider options with care. Look before you leap and be reasonable about your own experience and skill sets. Acquire some additional career training as needed. You’ll find that your level of productivity skyrockets as soon as you tweak your daily routine. Also, it may be time to kick a few bad habits to the curb. Get an accountability partner to help you stay on track if necessary. A little self discipline goes a long way to making you a better person and the person you really wish to be!

You have obligations and want to be in the right state of mind to do it. It’s time to let go of things that are holding you back. That could be an outstanding debt, a relationship or a commitment your heart is no longer in. Take some time to contemplate what you want and how you plan to get there.

You have a decision to make, a monumental one. Don’t let the weight of the verdict spook you. Instead, talk things through. It may be that your partner or spouse hasn’t been completely candid with you. Don’t sign any paperwork until you are sure you are on the same page. A sales or business plan might face some political opposition. Don’t let that stop you. Sell your ideas. You may be even more persuasive than you know. You’ve put in the effort. Now let your passion for this cause shine and give yourself plenty of space to fly!

In summary, this year a lot is riding on your confidence, your relationships both romantic and platonic will be determined by how confident you are and how you deal with the situations that arise. Also, your projects, you have to attack them with the same confidence, although it may look like it is failing with a little more push, you will come out flying. Everything mentioned above will happen and change you in amazing ways. But do not be afraid because if you follow the guide that you have been given, you will have your best year yet.

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