Horoscope 2021

Your joy will come from your roots this year, you will need to pay more attention to your home front and your family more than before, so go ahead and enjoy it, and spend some time with a mother figure and she will give you much needed advice about your health and well-being because you have overlooked these for some time now. And you need to be healthy in order to undertake the buying and selling opportunities that are coming your way to give you much financial gain.

Even more, you need to seize the opportunities quickly, luck doesn't last forever, if you need to gain new skills for this next phase then enroll in a course or training, it will not only boost your skills but also your confidence. You may also need spiritual guidance, maybe even consider some new religious and new personal mentors, even though this may result in long-standing family problems, know that this new-found discipline goes a long way to making you a better person. You will get a chance to clear the air with friends and family in time, but please, take care of yourself first.

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