February 12th - 18th

Scorpio, as competition at work heats up, it is crucial to steer clear of individuals who may draw you into conflicts. Resist the temptation to engage in gossip or worry about potential enemies. Instead, focus on the opportunities that lie ahead. Success awaits you, but it will require hard work and moving in the right direction. Financial concerns may arise as you await payment or compensation for services rendered. During this period, make sure to attend to the needs of those who depend on you – whether they are subordinates, relatives, or even pets. Communicate openly about what you are going through to alleviate any feelings of stress or loneliness. Seek pleasant diversions, such as music or theater, to find some respite. Remember, your dedication and efforts now will pave the way for future success. Currently, your focus shifts towards what matters most – your home and family. Your career, achievements, and intellectual pursuits are evaluated based on how they impact your loved ones and home life. You might feel inspired to delve into your family history, connecting with your roots to develop a profound sense of belonging. Consider planning for a renovation or addition in the future, ensuring that you are financially prepared for the endeavor. Remember, successful individuals are those who foster strong attachments to home and their loved ones.

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