September 18th - 24th

Scorpio, this week is all about communication and relationships. Whether it's a romantic partnership or a close friendship, make sure to give it the time and attention it needs. Be a good listener and work towards resolving any issues that may arise. On the job front, your co-workers are impressed with your talents and a recent evaluation brings positive results. Enjoy the raise or increased power that may come your way. It's a good time to use any extra funds to pay off debts or tackle much-needed repairs. Consider taking a short trip with a sibling or cousin to recharge your energy. This week holds the potential to broaden your horizons and deepen your understanding of the world. You are making new connections and teamwork comes naturally to you. Use this time to set long-term resolutions and have the determination to stick to them. Focus on nurturing both new and existing relationships, as they hold the key to gaining greater insights, depth, and clarity in your life. Trust is essential, so earn it and offer it to those around you.

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