career - May 22nd - 28th

Scorpio, it's time to turn those creative ideas into reality, but you can't do it alone. Seek out agents or brokers who can assist in making those concepts tangible. As you express your ideas, showcase your sense of self-expression through fashion choices too - it will speak volumes about your personality. But remember to take a step back and evaluate your strengths and limitations before investing any finances. Approach potential collaborators diplomatically and choose your words carefully when presenting your plans. Trust in your inventive side and have confidence in yourself as others will be entertained by your ideas. Plan to spend quality time with loved ones and indulge in new experiences. You're feeling amorous and intellectually stimulated, so don't be afraid to try out a new recipe or take a spontaneous trip. With your sharpness and confidence, you'll attract the people and opportunities you need to push your vision forward.

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