career - March 20th - 26th

Stay out of political disputes this week. Rise above the fray by continuing to work hard and sticking to your daily routine. Invest in some education; enroll in a training session to acquire a new skill or brush up on an existing one. Looking for a creative solution for a professional problem or worry that's been weighing on you. Some connection may be coming to an end. While feeling some sad about this is natural, rest assured that new opportunities wait just ahead.

Right now your positive outlook makes any task seem pleasant. You are logical about your approach and able to see things through. Don't let your energy get depleted or let your thoughts become scattered and you'll accomplish a lot now. Listen to your gut. It has some wisdom to offer right now, perhaps about a new skill or responsibility that you are thinking of taking on. Improving your output at work will garner some new support. Efficiency is within your grasp this week. Organize your environment, streamline the processes and all tasks will feel easier. Keep up your present level of commitment and your skills will be noticed and admired.

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