November 28th - December 4th

Now is an ideal time for networking and connecting. Enjoy meals and recreation with friends, old and new. Your charisma is on full display and others are drawn to your charm. You may find that you suddenly enjoy a fan following in a club or group you are part of. Keep a close eye on valuable possessions right now in order to avoid being victim of theft or losing a belonging that is dear to you. Domestic relationships may be complicated right now. Give voice to your worries. Harmony at home is key.

Material objects all occupy and even preoccupy you. Plans you set in motion and strove towards in recent weeks are doing being happily fulfilled. A sudden windfall is likely. Gains may be possible through a raise or promotion. Take a chance and see how it goes! Pursue things you find joy in. Your confident and good standing will soar now. Conflict is possible, including with family, so be sure to remain open-minded. Peace with a family member is paramount. Silence can be truly golden and help you achieve inner calm. Leave unsaid the wrong remark at the tempting moment.

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